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Something Poetic and Vaguely Creepy

Nurse, pop culture junkie, and part time rare book dealer. Recommend me sad and beautifully written books.

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Nov 22 '12

Things to Be Thankful for, Tumblr Edition

  • Sherlock isn’t actually dead
  • Dean and Cas are both out of Purgatory now
  • There will be a whole new set of Marvel movies coming out continuously for the next few years
  • The Hobbit comes out in less than a month
  • New Doctor Who coming soon
  • The Doctor will have a new companion, so he won’t be all sad and alone
  • Shock blankets
  • There’s going to be a Literature miniseries on Crash Course
  • ABC family will be running happy Christmas movies for the next month
  • Sherlock series three starts filming soon
  • Misha Collins has something planned for Christmas
  • Adorable holiday themed fanart is coming
  • Team Free Will is back next Wednesday
  • Unhealthy food
  • Amy and Rory are technically safe and living a happy life
  • So is Rose
  • Whenever we have to wait for new episodes/books/movies, we are still constantly surrounded by pictures and interviews filled with attractive people and
  • We exist on a website where we can be insanely excited about everything we love, together (because nerd life is just so much better than regular life).

Happy Thanksgiving.

Aug 29 '12

If Anyone Ever Doubts the Ability of People on the Internet to Impact the Real World, Consider This:

This time yesterday, the Nerdfighter team on Kiva had loaned a total of about 994,000 dollars.  

Right now, we stand at 1,085,875 1,086,225 1,094,725 dollars.

That’s 91,875 92,225 100,725 dollars in a day!!!

This team has literally given more than entire countries have.  We passed team France earlier this afternoon.  We’ve given more than France.  

Jul 27 '12

The wonderful John Green, everybody.