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Nurse, pop culture junkie, and part time rare book dealer. Recommend me sad and beautifully written books.

Posts tagged Stieg Larsson

Jun 17 '12

Stellan Skarsgard is Fucking Everywhere

Good Will Hunting:


Mamma Mia:

Angels and Demons:


But of course, leave it to me, I can only see him as the serial rapist/murderer in
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo:

Sorry about that, Stellan.

May 15 '12
"She trusted him. Maybe. It was troubling that one of the few people she trusted was a man she spent so much time avoiding.
Then she made up her mind. It was absurd to pretend that he did not exist. It no longer hurt her to see him.
She opened the door wide and let him into her life again."
Stieg Larsson, last lines of the Millennium Trilogy
May 7 '12
"Impulsive actions led to trouble, and trouble could have unpleasant consequences. She never did anything without first weighing the consequences."
Stieg Larsson
Apr 25 '12

When someone asks me to choose between the Swedish and American Dragon Tattoo movies:

Apr 23 '12
"It did no good to cry, she had learned that early on. She had also learned that every time she tried to make someone aware of something in her life, the situation just got worse. Consequently it was up to her to solve her problems by herself, using whatever methods she deemed necessary."
Stieg Larsson
Mar 30 '12

I finally got back in town today and so I went to buy my copy of Dragon Tattoo.  Then while I was checking out, I saw all the Swedish ones next to the register and a sign that said “5.99 with any purchase.”  So I determined that was the universe trying to tell me I needed these movies. 

As if my family didn’t think me crazy already, it probably didn’t help my case when I was waving the American DVD in their faces in all its “bootleg” glory saying “Look how clever it is!!! LOOK!!!”

Mar 15 '12

The End of Dragon Tattoo as Told by Facebook