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Something Poetic and Vaguely Creepy

Nurse, pop culture junkie, and part time rare book dealer. Recommend me sad and beautifully written books.
Oct 1 '14

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Oct 1 '14


I can’t control the universe but I sure as shit can get drunk and yell at it

Oct 1 '14


"cant you just let that one character be straight?”


Oct 1 '14
Bill Haley and His Comets - Shake, Rattle and Roll (From the Original Master Tapes)


Bill Haley and His Comets - Shake, Rattle and Roll (1954)

Oct 1 '14


"Ollie finally grew into his bow tie." -taylor1021

Oct 1 '14


sing to me, o muse! — a modern iliad
—> natalie dormer as achilles

If I hold out here and I lay siege to Troy,
my journey home is gone, but my glory never dies.
If I voyage back to the fatherland I love,
my pride, my glory dies…

Oct 1 '14
"How strange it is. We have these deep terrible lingering fears about ourselves and the people we love. Yet we walk around, talk to people, eat and drink. We manage to function. The feelings are deep and real. Shouldn’t they paralyze us? How is it we can survive them, at least for a little while? We drive a car, we teach a class. How is it no one sees how deeply afraid we were, last night, this morning? Is it something we all hide from each other, by mutual consent? Or do we share the same secret without knowing it? Wear the same disguise?"
Don DeLillo, White Noise  (via wiltedbones)

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Oct 1 '14

writing tip #878:


don’t worry so much. if the multiverse theory is true, at least one other version of you did get some writing done today

Oct 1 '14


Marlon Brando in a screen test for “Rebel without a cause”

Oct 1 '14

i have reached a point where i’m too sleepy to stay awake to eat chocolate cake which for any of you who have been here a while you know that is a dire state for me so i’m going to sign off and i’ll see you all tomorrow

Oct 1 '14



Oct 1 '14





me 11:59 September 30th


me 12:00 October 1st


it’s not even october and 90% of tumblr is like the second gif

I’ve never seen tumblr on Halloween or Christmas… Is it bad?


Oct 1 '14
your house is an hgtv show waiting to happen

Sep 30 '14

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Sep 30 '14



You wouldn’t download a goat. 

shut the fuck up i would absolutely download a goat

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